Roadworks Bulletin

May 28th, 2019 by Alison

Roadworks Bulletin – Broxtowe Area
Temporary Road Closure and
Speed Limit Reduction Trowell

Road No. & Location

A609, Nottingham Road, Trowell – from a point 45m West of the centre line of the M1 over-bridge to a point 75m East of the centre line of the M1 over-bridge


From Monday 15th July 2019
until Friday 30th August 2019
it is anticipated that the Closure will be enforced on weekends only.
From 00:40hrs – 05:00hrs Saturdays
And 23:59hrs Sundays until 05:00hrs Mondays

Carried Out By:
Highways England

Nature of Restriction
Temporary Prohibition of Driving & Temporary Speed Limit 20MPH

Nature of Works
Bridge Maintenance Works

Alternative Route

Signed on Site


Michael Quinn
01767 358 346

Emergency Contact
Sean Durdey
Highways England
07740 512 918