Parish Plan

Calor Village of the Year Plaque

Calor Village of the Year Plaque

Statement from outgoing Secretary to the Parish Plan steering group.  After both Graham Lockwood and John Bryant stood down as Chair and Secretary respectively, no-one came forward to take on those roles and therefore the TPPSG then ceased to function. The other position of Treasurer was not offered for election as the Group was effectively moribund.
It was agreed that the TPPSG remain in limbo until (or if) someone feels the need to revive it.
(Dated Tuesday 30th November 2010.)

Trowell entered the Calor village of the year competition and have won two categories and are the overall Nottinghamshire County winners. Well done to all of those who have contributed to this marvellous success! Unfortunately we did not win the regional finals. However, thanks to all of those who contributed to this wonderful effort.

Parish Plan report is now available by clicking here.
Parish Design statement full report is available by clicking here.
Parish Design statement overview is available by clicking link.

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Although a major milestone, the report is really only the beginning, the next stage being to explore ways of achieving the wants and desires of the people of Trowell. Further meetings will be held starting in September. Please contact the Secretary to the steering group if you would like to be involved. He is John Bryant at

The results of the questionnaires are now available by clicking here.

Rural life is facing some tough challenges with the closure of village shops, banks and post offices, a lack of public transport. These are common problems, which have led many communities to take local action. The Vital Villages programme is making a real difference. It puts community decision-making in the hands of the people who live there, and it gives grants, quickly, in order to make things happen. Vital Villages helps rural communities to help themselves through four simple grant schemes.
We in Trowell have won backing for formulating a ‘Parish Plan’, which is one aspect of the Countryside Agencies ‘Vital Villages’ initiative. The £5,000 grant we have been given will enable us to send a questionnaire to every household in the Parish, which will be your opportunity to tell us what you would like to see happen. We have a working steering committee, but anyone who would like to be involved can contact the secretary, Lyn Harley, on 917 1392. Agendas and minutes of meetings are also available on this website.

One of the things we really want to try and do is involve the young people of the community.

Please be on the look out for further information dropping through your door. Please watch this space for more information.

Please see below the leaflets to all residents and businesses in the Parish:

Trowell Parish Plan Steering Group


Can you spare a few hours? To formulate The Parish Plan, the Steering Group needs representatives from the village to help generate a questionnaire to find out what you want. Volunteers are needed to collect and distribute them. Are you are interested in Infrastructure,

e.g. Housing Services

e.g. Transport, Doctors, Shops Community

e.g. Church, Social groups, Environment

e.g. Roads, Noise Or anything else

Once the questionnaire has been formulated it will be delivered to every household and collected by our representatives. Want to know more or to get involved, contact Lyn Harley, Secretary on Check Out the Website or Email Us Email.Trowell.parish.plan@ntlworld .com Website

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are writing to your Group/Business on behalf of Trowell Parish Plan Steering Group. We are a group of local people, formed following a public meeting in association to Trowell Parish Council and the Countryside Agency.

We are sure you are aware that Trowell is the only rural community between Nottingham and Ilkeston. We have applied for and been successful in gaining a substantial grant from the Countryside Agency to develop a Parish Plan. In short, a Parish Plan is a document, which outlines the present community. It creates a template for the future of the Parish, and can be used as supplementary planning guidance for County and Borough plans. It lays out the opinions, hopes and aspirations of the whole community. Once the plan has been adopted it hopefully create a catalyst for future committees/groups to work in association with local government. With the aim of achieving the aspirations of the existing rural community, and to protect those aspects of rural life that we hold dear.

We intend to collate the information required through a questionnaire to all of the parishioners. Which we will then collect door to door to ensure a high return rate. In addition to the questionnaire, existing groups businesses and organizations can have their input. We are now at the point of formulating the questionnaire we are hoping to involve local specialists (you) to generate the questions in each sub sections e.g. HOUSING, SERVICES, TRANSPORT, DOCTORS, SHOPS, COMMUNITY, CHURCH, SOCIAL GROUPS ENVIRONMENT, ROADS, NOISE ETC To ensure that views of your group/business are represented within the plan, we would suggest a delegate of your group/ business comes along to get involved in this process.

We are working to a tight timetable and the plan will be finished within 12 months. Remember there are many unfinished issues within Trowell and many future problems on the horizon. I.e. Foul Smells from Erewash, Humps and Bumps in the road, Fields Farm Development and Motorway Widening. This is your chance to have your say, in the development of your community. Our next meeting is on March 12th, time 7.30pm at Trowell Parish Hall.

Agenda: click here
Minutes: click here

For further information on the Countryside Agencies ‘Vital Villages’ project, you can visit: