Minutes: Parish Plan

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Minutes of the Trowell Parish Plan Steering Group (TPPSG)

Annual General Meeting held at Trowell Parish Hall on

Tuesday 30th November 2010 at 7.15pm

Present:  Cllrs. Graham Lockwood (GL) Chair, John Bryant (WJB) Secretary, Julie Bryant (JEB), Keith Birkitt (KB), Margaret Birkitt (MB), Cynthia McGann (CM), Rob McGann (RM), Lyn Harley (LH) plus Andy Lord (AL), Neil Jackson (NJ) and Sue Lockwood (SL). Alison Mitchell (TPC Clerk) attended as a guest.

Apologies for absence: Received from; Pat Wilson WI, Jenny Kirkwood RCAN, Sue Sambells Trowell FC and David Louth.

Minutes of the previous meeting June 2010: These were moved as a true record by MB, seconded by JEB and agreed.

Matters Arising. AL gave a short report on the re-started Church Cottage project. GL gave a short report on recent issues affecting Trowell.

To elect a Chair and Secretary: With Both GL and WJB standing down from their current roles, the post of Chair and Secretary were open for new nominations. No nominations for either role was forthcoming therefore GL officially declared the Group as moribund and no longer able to function. The role of Treasurer was not offered for election as the Group effectively no longer existed.

Voices of thanks were expressed to GL and WJB and all the TPPSG people who had made the Group such a dynamic force over the past eight years. The group had effectively achieved almost all it was set up to achieve. The Parish Plan, the Parish Design Statement and the 2009 Calor Village of the year success were remembered as highlights of the group’s achievements. WJB was asked to contact RCAN and Broxtowe BC to offer the group’s thanks to them for all their support.

Treasurers Report: In the absence of the Treasurer WJB reported an assumed current balance of £286.62. It was agreed that the monies remain in this account until such time as either the Group reforms or another Trowell group takes on the mantle.

Any other Business: There was no new business to report.

On thanking everyone who had turned out in such a poor weather and thanking everyone for all their support over the eight years, the chair closed the meeting at 7.44pm.